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Victoria Travel Facial Spa

Victoria Travel Facial Spa


Moisturizing steam you can bring anywhere

Nowadays, makeup isn't the only stuff that can enhance features. It's been years since the power of facial steaming has become well-known because of the benefits it gives to the skin. The Victoria Travel Facial Spa gives you that same benefit and much more!

The refreshing mist that comes out of this mister opens up the pores that aid in releasing the dirt and bacteria that causes most of the unwanted blemishes on the skin. This makes thorough cleansing a lot easier. Furthermore, your favorite topical is easily absorbed by the skin and its effectivity is heightened due to the proper cleansing of the skin's surface and pores.  

 To use this mister, simply follow these steps:

1) Slide back the panel at the back of the mister.

2) Take out the clear container.

3) Pour some water and add in some essential oil, if you like, through the hole.

4) Put the clear container back the same position before it was taken out and put the sliding panel back.

5) Slide down the front panel and enjoy the mist!


Material: ABS + electronic components
Product Size: 12 x 4.8 x 3CM
Input voltage: 5V
Working current: atomization output 350MA-420MA
Operating voltage: 3.7V Motor output: 30MA-100MA
Battery capacity: 400MAH
Atomization timing: 60 seconds
Water tank capacity: 10ML spray
Moisture: 50-70ml / hour
Product Size: 120MM * 48MM * 30MM

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