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Style Snaps Hem Solution

Style Snaps Hem Solution


Adhesive buttons save pants from cutting

Not everyone wants their pants to be cut especially if the length enables you to wear your favorite high heels. However, it can be frustrating when you want to wear flat shoes but can't because your pants will drag. Style Snaps is a self-adhesive button pad that you can attach to the hem of your pants to shorten them by folding and buttoning. It saves you from the trip to the tailoring shop to have your pants cut and most importantly, it saves you money. It's also perfect for closing up loose skirts jackets, tops, and can be used by kids and teens for their clothes as well! Hurry, get yours today! 

Feature: Eco-Friendly,Self-Adhesive
Material: Polyester / Nylon
Size: S
Quantity: 16pcs./pack

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