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Smart Electric Cosmetic Sponge

Smart Electric Cosmetic Sponge


A leveled-up kind of makeup sponge 

Leave your old used-up cosmetic sponge behind and welcome a new innovative vibrating sponge that will leave your skin with a smooth and flawless finish with every delicate vibration it makes. It makes 10,000 vibrations per minute that not only gives your skin an even makeup application, it provides a healthy massage all over your face that will improve blood circulation, thus reducing signs of aging like such as wrinkles.  

So while a regular sponge will still do the job, it doesn't have extra added benefits that will not only make a better application but also take care of your skin from the inside out. Buy this electric cosmetic sponge today!


Color: Purple
Material: ABS+ Synthetic sponge
Puff: Contains Latex
Size: 43mm x 68mm
Washable: Yes
Power: Less than 80mA/3V
RPM: 12,000 rpm/min
Components: Vibrating Puff Device + 2 Puffs
Battery: CR2032 x 1
Net Weight: 50g(Vibrating Puff Device + 2 Puffs)

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