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Roach Trap

Roach Trap


Not Your Typical Pest Control 

Its time to get rid off all those stinky and noxious smelling air spray to kill pesky cockroaches, bugs and insects at your house. Pests trap gets reinvented, this time its more eco-friendly, no harmful chemicals and non-toxic, totally safe!

Innovative invention to invite and trap insects right into their death. Mess-free and keeps the insects stay trapped for a long time until they die. 

Great for use at home, gardens, patios, restaurants and anywhere that cockroaches are a problem. Just keep the area dry at all times and clean right after every pests death. 

Applicable Area: <20 square meters
Charger: Not Applicable
Pest Type: Cockroaches
Pest Control Type: Traps
Object: Cockroaches
Design: Regular
Model Number: /
Mosquito type: Other
Use: Other

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