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Powerful Acne Remover

Powerful Acne Remover


Remove Acnes Quickly! 100% Natural! 

Acnes give you stress, embarrassment and eventually loses your own self-confidence. You cannot dare to socialize with that big acne right in front of you! But NOT with this powerful acne remover! It's made of 100% natural tea tree extracts that will clean clogged pores, remove acnes and fades acnes' marks!

Scared of allergies? No worries! It perfectly works on oily, dry, and sensitive skins leaving you a smooth and moisturized skin! Get rid of those horrible acnes with this 100% natural acne remover! SHOP Now!

Item Type: Essential Oil
Essential Oil Type: Pure Essential Oil
Ingredient: Tea Tree Essential Oil
Net Weight: 10 ml
Pure essential oil: 100% natural tea tree extracts
Efficacy: Anti Acne
Apply skin: All skin
Usage: Spa, Massage, Aromatherapy

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