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Skin Exfoliator Pro

Skin Exfoliator Pro


A wonderful spinning beauty brush

The Perfect Skin Exfoliating Pro is handheld exfoliation brush with natural fibers that spin at 80 per minute. It effectively and softly exfoliates the skin, revealing a smooth and youthful looking skin. To use it, simply press the button to start and glide it gently on your skin to begin the exfoliation process. You can also choose from its 4 exfoliation brush head that is powered by batteries.

Turn your skin from lifeless into a luxuriously soft and healthy look with the help of Perfect Skin Exfoliating Pro today!

FEATURES - Creates Bright Skin & Remove Unwanted Cellulite!

1. The brush fibers are made of natural Tampico plant fibers
2. Spins at 80 rpm to swiftly sweep off dead, dry skin
3. Gently exfoliates and improves blood circulation
4. Interchangeable with the pore cleansing facial brush and pedi disc

Type: Brush

Package Includes:

1 X Hand held  brush

1 X Face brush

1 X Tampico brush

1 X Pedi disc

1 X Wave massager

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