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Magic Reusable Makeup Remover

Magic Reusable Makeup Remover


An all natural makeup remover

No chemicals, just soft and luxurious cloth!

The usual makeup removers come in bottles of alcohol-based formula that can dry certain types of skin. The Magic Reusable Makeup Remover, however, is simply a microfiber cloth that naturally removes makeup and other impurities. It makes use of water for cleansing while it gently reaches for the pores to help remove residue that may eventually lead to skin problems such as acne. This microfiber cloth is suitable for all skin types as it does not have any harmful chemical formulation. Use Magic Reusable Makeup Remover over and over as a part of your natural skin regimen.

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Material: Microfiber cloth
Net Weight: 40g
Type: Makeup Remover
Skin types: All skin types
Quantity: 1 pc   

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