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Magic Eyeshadow Stickers

Magic Eyeshadow Stickers


Swipe the perfect eye shadow combination

While applying impeccable eye color, save valuable time and be ready to apply the palette. To

A variety of color combinations appear as eye pads, so you will not find yourself having no choice to apply, all you have to do is place the pad on the eyelid as close as possible to the eyelid line and slide it to the temple so that the color changes from Wipe transferred to the eyelid. Blending Each shadow meets the next shadow to avoid dividing boundaries.

Realize the look of a professional make-up artist without the need for large brushes and potted plants, provide solutions for those who do not have time to apply eye shadows, or know how to apply shades to create eye-catching eyes.

Get yours now! Make your eyes glitter and be ready for parties!

Type: eye shadow
Quantity: 1box = 6pairs
Features: Waterproof / waterproof

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