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Instant Brush Cleaner

Instant Brush Cleaner


Clean And Dry Makeup Brushes In Seconds


A regular cleaning of your makeup brushes is vital because primarily you use it on your face. Unattended makeup brushes can cause skin irritation, bacteria build-up, skin problems and more. Yet, traditional cleaning methods are messy, laborious and can leave brushes wet and unusable for up to 24 hours. Worry no more and let the Instant Brush Cleaner do the job for you. 

The Instant Brush Cleaner acts as a washing machine but it was designed specifically for your cosmetic brushes. It only takes seconds to completely wash, clean, and dry your makeup brushes without so much effort. Pick from different sizes of the eight collars to fit the brush handle, turn on the device and let it do the magic. Within seconds, your brush is completely dirt free. You can now enjoy doing your makeup in no time and get prep up right away.

Get your Automatic Makeup Brush Cleaner today!  

Item Type: Makeup Tool Kit
Material: plastic

PACK CONTENTS: Device, 8x flexible brush collars (suitable for all brush types), collar stand, 1x spindle, bowl, bowl neck and bowl ring. 

Step 1 : Attach

Step 2 : Dunk

Step 3 : Spin in the water to clean

Step 4 : 
Spin on the water to dry

Step 5 : Clean, dry and ready to use


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