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IceFire Photon Facial Spa

IceFire Photon Facial Spa


Relaxes and gives a youthful GLOW

Experience a massager with multi-features for all your skin care needs. This massager comes with a number of functions that will give you a younger, rejuvenated skin. Handy and convenient, you can actually bring it with anywhere when you travel so you won't miss a single therapy. 

If you want your skin to be smooth and radiant without spending too much, then this is the best investment you'll ever have.  It can provide you with professional face massage in the comfort of your home. Have younger, smoother and flawless skin 24/7!

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Material: Plastic
Type: Cold Hot Facial Tightening Machine
Input: 5V 1A
Power: 5W
Charging time: About 2 Hours
Battery lifetime: Heating 60mins , Cooling 40Mins

1. Anti-aging
2. Skin tightening
3. Face lifting
4. Remove wrinkles and smooth fine lines
5. Shrink pores and skin rejuvenation
6. Restore skin elasticity
7. Improve skin texture

1. Mode 1 ( facial skin care ) : Heating Massage +Red LED Light + vibration massage
After cleansing face, apply your favorite facial cream, press the power key for 4 seconds to turn on the heating function mode. This increases absorption of skin care products.
2. Mode 2 ( facial skin care ) :
Cooling Massage+ Blue LED Light + vibration massage
After Mode 1, press the power key once, turn on the cooling function mode. This will help in shrinking pores and firms skin.
3. Mode 3 ( Eye Care ) :
Vibration massage + Warm massage
When the face skin massage is finished, press the power key once again, switching to eye care, use on eye area. This mode effectively alleviates dark circles and fade eye bags.
4. The device will auto power off every 10 minutes.
5. If you need to use it again, press the power button for 4 seconds to power it up again.

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