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Holographic Disco Stick

Holographic Disco Stick


For a slight and beautiful glow!

The holographic disco stick is very important when it comes to applying cosmetics. It can help you find key lines so that you don't miss anything, or you can achieve your ideal makeup. Without a highlighter, makeup tricks such as flash and contours cannot be completed and it will really become confusing. Ť His highlighter will definitely leave your face with sparkling and gleaming cheekbones that look like a Hollywood actress. Once you have tried this, we are sure that you will immediately look like a camera, as if your face is a permanent filter.

Try the hologram disco stick for you to choose the right highlighter today!

Please take two (2) beautiful highlighters each time you place an order.

Type: Highlighter
Net weight: 10g
Recipe: Cream
Advantages: Long lasting, Concealed, Bright, Easy to wear
Size: Full size

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