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Fungal Nail Repair Essence

Fungal Nail Repair Essence


Nail care essence at your fingertips!

Nail problems? Look no further with this Fungal Nail Repair Essence. The product contains natural herbal medicine that is painless and no side effects. To easily cure your nail infections, simply wash your hands and toes and keep it dry before applying. Apply it on the affected area and use two or three times daily until it grows to regain beautiful well-shaped nails. This nail treatment is 100% safety guaranteed.

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  • Advantages: Easy to use, easy recovery Simplify, simplify many complicated treatment processes, avoiding complicated manicure, A pull avoid pain. Strong penetration, strong inhibition of bacteria, 10 days inhibit bacterial growth, reproduction Capacity so that the bacteria are no longer contagious, 40 days thorough sterilization began to grow healthy, beautiful, smooth nails Use.
  • contain the root, radix sophorae flavescentis herbs drug ingredients can quickly penetrate the dense-layer deep deck under a killing fungus and mutant strain, which medicine conditioning function to mobilize transformation.
  • Immunity and prevention of recovery with antibacterial function, with specially added Amaranthus, can promote qualitative cell students repair damaged cell gene, accelerate a matter Metabolism, growth, light a layer, promote the deck students.
  • Applicable symptoms: Especially for onychomycosis ("Onychomycosis"), Athlete's foot and other symptoms;
  • Package Includes:1*Nail Care Essence Oil

Item Type: Nail Treatment
Ingredient: Purslane, Tougucao, wormwood, boric acid
NET WT: 10ml
Used for: Fungal Nail Treatment
Apply skin: Suitable all kinds of skin
Shelf life: 3 years

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