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Eyebrow Tattoo Pen Liner

Eyebrow Tattoo Pen Liner


Beautiful Eyebrows Wherever You Go

Complete your makeup kit on the go with this Eyebrow Tattoo Pen Liner in it.

Always look the best anywhere you go and never miss to apply this fantastic tattoo pen liner. The pen is dyed in stratum corneum making it stays longer than the usual eyeliner pen in the market. It is waterproof and water-resistant, so you can dip in the pool or enjoy exercising at the gym.  This Eyebrow Tattoo Pen Liner stays to 3-7 days once drawn in your eyebrow.

It looks natural and you won't be bothered by having an artificial eyebrow.

How to use

- After night face-washing, take any water and oil away then draw your eyebrows meticulously with the Eyebrow Tattoo Pen Liner
- Draw your eyebrows to think it's slightly stewed.
- Then modify the area where requires a modification with a cotton swab lightly before it dry.


Recommended to use it before 1-2 hours before going to bed in the evening.
After 6 hours after applying it, it sticks to your eyebrows and color-developed completely.
If you do retouching after about 3-4 days (when it is getting fade), you can maintain the color like a semi-permanent.

Note: If you draw on a make-up base or color make up, you will get less effective.



Type: Eyebrow Enhancer
Benefit: Easy to Wear,Long-lasting,Natural
Size: Full Size 
Formulation: Pencil
Model Number: Eyebrow Pen
Waterproof / Water-Resistant: Yes

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