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Electrotherapy Muscle Massager

Electrotherapy Muscle Massager


Enjoy working out by burning massive of weights

Enhance your overall fitness regimens with the Electrotherapy Muscle Massager! Using its special EMS technology, it helps tone, tighten, shape, strengthen muscles and maintain its fitness. You can attach it anywhere in your body that you want to concentrate on. One day of using the Electrotherapy Muscle Massager is equivalent to 1500M running, 30 minutes of sit-ups, and 30 minutes of swimming.


It has six vibration modes and ten intensity levels available that you can choose to suit your perfect comfortability. These modes can penetrate sore muscles with electrical impulses that cause them to contract and relax. It's fully operated by battery so you can wear it while you're on the gym, school, office, mall, or even when you're sitting.

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Application: Body
Material: Composite Material
Size: Multi Size
Item Type: Massage & Relaxation

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