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Chinese Medicinal Muscle Pain Spray

Chinese Medicinal Muscle Pain Spray


A Spray To Ease Your Body Pains

Whenever you are having any body pains and muscle pains after a whole day at work, just use this Chinese Medicinal Muscle Pain Spray and the pain will eventually go away.

It is effective for people who is experiencing rheumatism, arthritis, joint pains and any other muscle pains.

Just spray the oil in the area evenly and slowly massage for better effects.

Item Type: Essential Oil
Essential Oil Type: Compound Essential Oil
Model Number: HA0215
Effect1: Cervical spondylosis,waist muscle strain,hyperosteogeny
Effect2: Rheumatism,rheumatoid arthritis,old injury induced pain symptoms
Net Content: 60ml
Applicable Skin: General
Shelf Life: 2 years
Storage Conditions: seal,cool and dry place

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