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Blister Patch Adhesive

Blister Patch Adhesive


The Instant Cure To Nasty Blisters!

We all hate blisters especially when we wear our shoes and the wound and pain just won't subside. Well, we got you, here's the Blister Patch Adhesive, ready to save your day!

Blisters are created in wearing tight shoes and walking whole day in it. The constant rubbing and pressure creates a wound and what's surprising it is very painful. But, Blister Patch Adhesive is here.

This Hydrocolloid foot patch is effective for all kinds of skin blister, reducing pain, absorbing wound exudation, preventing bacteria infection, accelerating wound healing and reducing scar formation.

The Blister Patch Adhesive creates a safety environment to let your wound heal without creating moist that will affect the healing process of the wound. It helps to reduce scar formation, blocking bacteria, preventing cross infection, breathable and waterproof.

Application: Preventive care for articulation carina injury and friction injury, foot chapped skin, all kinds of skin blister and clavus and all kinds of acute and chronic little wound.


1.Clean and sterilize the wound and the surrounding skin until they becomes dry ;

2.Choosing appropriate specificationfootpatch to stick on the foot, pressing the edges gently to fit with the skin tightly;

3.When footpatch saturated with exudation with product swelling, the color changing from colorless transparent to ivory and gel formation, which is a normal phenomenon rather than a wound fester, this suggests that the replacement of footpatch to avoid skin impregnated;

4.When the footpatch color will not change, there is no longer need to replace and the acne wound has healed.

1.It can not be used for high exudation wounds;
2.It is disposable product and can not be reused;
3.Stop using in case of allergic constitution.

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