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Beauty-Enhancing Whitening Mask

Beauty-Enhancing Whitening Mask


Get a Better Sleep and Wake Up Beautiful

Are you always stressed and have no time to go to a facial spa? Well sit tight, relax and try this Beauty-Enhancing Whitening Mask! You can achieve that slimmer, radiant, and young-looking face at the convenience of your home. It is so easy to use by just wearing it at your bedtime on a daily basis for 20 days, it will result in a beautiful and younger you.

The Beauty-Enhancing Whitening Mask has a magnetic facelift that will shape your face, gradually making the skin firm. Aside from getting a younger, slim and fair-looking face, it is also applicable to people that are stressed and cannot get enough sleep. The Beauty-Enhancing Whitening Mask uses the hot and cold pressure that can relieve fever and helps a proper blood circulation.

For best result use it after applying your beauty regiment. Try it now!

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
Size: Small, Medium, Large
Material: Composite Material
Application: Face
Feature: face mask
Style: fashion
Gender: men, women
Color: Pink

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