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[2-Pack] Glitter Swipe Eyeshadow

[2-Pack] Glitter Swipe Eyeshadow


One Swipe and You're Set!

Let everyone look at you like there are glitters in your eyes because your eyes will surely be filled with glitters if you wear this Glitter Swipe Eyeshadow. Even if you're always in a rush especially in the morning, the Glitter Swipe Eyeshadow allows you to apply eyeshadow in seconds. Just swipe it using a brush and your two-tone eyeshadow makeup is set. The fine mineral content will look dazzling in your eyes.

Time is not wasted doing all your makeup stuff if you can just swipe it and you're set!

Type: Eye Shadow
Finish: Satin, Glitter, Shimmer, Metallic, Luminous, Radiant, Natural
Benefit: Long-lasting, Brighten, Easy to Wear, Waterproof
Ingredient: Pigment
Single color/multi-color: Two Colors
Size: Mini
Color: Shimmer Colors
Occasion: Party, Wedding, Shopping 

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