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CurlPerfect - Lash Lift Kit

CurlPerfect - Lash Lift Kit


Say goodbye to the eyelash curler for good

Create an amazing, beautiful curl to your natural eyelashes with this CurlPerfect - Lash Lift Kit. From the process that gave us hair curls, we can now have it for our eyelashes. This is an innovative way to keep lashes curled to brighten the eyes without the use of eyelash curlers.

A safe and long-lasting alternative to daily eyelash curling, this treatment uses a perm lotion to curl lashes and will lasts for weeks -- no makeup required! This advanced treatment offers an effective long term alternative to the daily use of mascara and eyelash curlers. Say goodbye to broken lashes from the usual curlers or clumps of messy mascara!

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Item Type: Eyelash Glue
Size: 1 box
Ingredient: Perming Liquid
NET WT: 5ml/bottle

1. Cleanse the lashes. 
2. Cover the lower lashes with eye patches.
3. Apply shields.
a. Apply glue to the underside of the shields. You may need to trim the shields of the ends if they are too big.
b. Place the shields to the eyelid as close the lash line as possible.
4. Attach the lashes to the shields. You may need to do a section at a time so the glue doesn’t dry out.
a. Apply the glue to a section of the outside of the shield (for example the inner eye).
b. Using a micro brush wipe the lashes up from the base of the lash to the lash tip up the shield as straight as possible. Any lashes that cross over or are placed clumped together will set that way so make sure they are straight and evenly spaced (unless you are after a certain style)
c. Make sure they are all stuck down. Have as little gap as possible between the base of the lash and the shield.
5. Apply the perming lotion.
a. Apply from the base to the mid section of the lashes. If you apply it over the entire lashes they will become unstuck and the perm won’t set. This is very important. Apply as close the base as possible for the best lift.
b. Leave on for 10-15 minutes depending on how thick the lashes are
c. Clean with dry cotton bud. Take care not to wipe over the tips of the lashes in case they become unstuck.
6. Apply the Fixation.
a. Apply the blue fixing lotion in exactly the same way as perming lotion.
b. Leave on for 10 minutes.
c. Clean with dry cotton bud. 
7. Apply tint if the client is also getting a lash tint (recommended for fairer lashes). Skip this step if the client is not getting a lash tint.
a. Lift eye patch and place under lower lashes.
b. Apply tint on top lashes and as much as possible on bottom though it will be a bit more difficult. You shouldn’t keep the tint longer then 3-4 minutes, as it activates a lot quicker after the perming lotions.
c. Clean tint off with dry cotton bud.
8. Apply Nourishing Oil with cotton bud.
a. Leave on for 5 minutes
b. Wipe excess away
c. The lashes should be easily unattached from the shield now (Can use toothpick) If there is still a lot tint left on lashes, clean them with damp cotton bud.

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